Team Development

Get the organization on the same page, clarify roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. Reinforce the company culture while establishing important company goals.

Leadership Meetings

Managing a business requires focus and dialogue to address daily issues, manage growth, find and develop skilled talent, and integrate technology and fiscal benchmarks.

Business Retreats

Freedom from workplace interruptions, cell phones and email provides a unique opportunity to share ideas, discuss issues and engage and enrich the entire team. 


An e-learning program that enables your organization to realize happy customers, engaged employees and greater profits.



Heard in an office – “I hate meetings, they always seem to be a waste of time. But my staff is insistent that we have them, so that we stay in touch with each other. It’s especially important for people in the field who are not around the office every day. I just don’t think...
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Instead Of Hiring More People – Optimize Your Current Staff

There are two conditions that can create tenacious roadblocks to company growth: failure to delegate at various levels of the organization from the top down and job duties that pull employees away from their highest and best uses (HBUs.) An HBU is the main duty that each person performs creating the most value to the organization. In many cases,...
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People Power: Success Begins And Ends With Your Talent

Leading any endeavor is much more complex than we expect. Part of the personal growth of a successful company leader is learning to create an organization that can sustain its culture and manage its growth. This ongoing process has three requirements: establishing an ownership culture, documenting jobs thoroughly, with clear responsibilities and authority, and hiring...
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Meeting Facilitation

A meeting facilitator has the objectivity to interview participants to collect company issues and goals, proposes an agenda and manages the pace to keep the meeting on task. The facilitator asks penetrating, open-ended questions to help the group attain clarity and motivates the participants to increase participation and idea flow. To capture the flow of the meeting, the facilitator acts as a scribe and pulls together discussion notes into a plan that is actionable and “owned” by the participants.

Paul has facilitated over 60 strategic planning retreats for start-ups, companies and non-profits. Riecks led a project team working for the United States Agency for International Development assisting the Southern Africa Development Community in forming their economic union. He worked with over 1,000 stakeholders in 12 Southern Africa countries and helped draft their treaty.

Paul Riecks

As an entrepreneur and business-owner consultant and facilitator, Paul shares decades of business management experience with audiences, large and small. Paul co-founded Inner Circle Mid-Atlantic in 1987, introducing the peer-to-peer concept to local business owners to share ideas and solutions for running their businesses. In 2012, Paul rebranded and helped launch INSIGHT, a business platform allowing members to share confidential advice, ideation and referral to facilitate growth and meet goals.

Paul’s media credits include a monthly column, Collective Wisdom, in the Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia and New York SmartCEO magazines and has been published by The Baltimore Business Journal. Riecks penned his book: Running Your Own Company: An Entrepreneur’s Field Manual. A proud graduate of Washington College, Paul holds a B.A. in Political Science and History. 


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