Instead Of Hiring More People – Optimize Your Current Staff

There are two conditions that can create tenacious roadblocks to company growth: failure to delegate at various levels of the organization from the top down and job duties that pull employees away from their highest and best uses (HBUs.) An HBU is the main duty that each person performs creating the most value to the organization. In many cases, a person’s HBU is directly related to something they are good at and enjoy doing.

The improvement to these roadblocks to growth is the radical idea: instead of hiring more full-time employees, optimize the employees you currently have. Find out what the tasks are that pull them away from their HBUs and assign those tasks to virtual employees who are qualified to perform for substantially less cost.  Then, peel those tasks from your employee’s job description.

The result will be greater productivity by your employed staff while curbing the default action to hire more people. This will result in your staff doing the work in which they excel and enjoying their work more. Of course if you are a very small organization, it may be difficult to do this all at once. Begin with a pilot program – pick an area that is underperforming resulting in overtime, turnover or absenteeism.

Do research on individual HBUs and tasks that limits productivity. Prepare a list of attributes and a job description for the virtual assistants needed to assist your people. Also, develop a “virtual hiring and on-boarding process” that will identify, train and manage the supplemental staff.

Staff optimization is not exporting jobs, its exporting duties. Jobs are not at risk by using this strategy. Everyone can continue to work for a more productive and successful company when doing the right work.